Rules Of The Hash

We are not a hash with serious rules because rules are for assholes. We would like to remind all of you(Virgins, Returnees, and regular Hashers) that the Bahrain Hash House Harriers is based in a “conservative” country and we wouldn’t like to cause too much trouble.. but we do like some of the attention.

1. There are no rules.

2. No Poofters.

3. It is not a race.

4. Flour must be followed at all times.

5. No poofters.

6. Checks should be clearly marked.

7. False trails should be clearly marked.

8. No poofters.

9. The cries of “On-on”, “Checking” or “looking” should be clearly heard at all times.

10. Women, Children and Dogs are allowed

11. Strictly No poofters.

12. No membership card – No cheers