Hash # 2426 – Hashing in Jufair!!

Hash # 2426

Date: 15/01/2018

Time: 6:00 PM or 1800

Hare: Piss N Boots

Location: Juffair, at Piss N Boots place! Follow the GPS to the hash!!

Bring BD 2 if you are not a member of the hash to pay for the run! if you want to be a member you can pay BD 30 for the year, BD 25 for 9 months, BD 20 for 6 months or BD 12 for 3 months!! See Drag Queen to fill up the membership form or pay the run fee!

Make sure that you are in hashing attire, bring a torch as its dark out, and bring money for a beer stop unless the hare is generous enough to give us one for free! Will there be food? MAYBE! Come to the hash and find out!!

Attention!!: The Bahrain Hash Camp is back again!! it will be on Feb 9th! pay BD 15 if you are not a member of the hash or pay BD 10 if you are a member! what do you get?? Well food, drinks, a hash, a hangover hash, and breakfast! we may even have some haberdashery for you! Pay Head With My Mom if you wish to attend!! Camp location will be posted at the end of Jan!


We need hares from next week onward!!! If you want to lay trail, please see Piss N Boots! If we dont have hares, we wont have a hash! So sign up to do a trail! dont be shy! Laying a trail is easy and you dont need to provide food or beer although it would be hash appropriate!

Bahrain Hash Camp 2018!

Hey Hashers!! The Bahrain Hash Camp is back again!! The date is set for Friday, the 9th of February, 2018! so get all your camping gear ready!!

This year, you will have to pay BD 15 for non members or BD 10 for anyone who signs up to be a member of the Bahrain H3!

What do you get?! well.. you will get to do some hashing out by the tree of life! there will be dinner! drinks will be all around! then a hangover hash in the early morning!  we are also gunna try to sort you out with some awesome haberdashery!

Our annual (anal) campout is always an awesome time! it is child and pet friendly but that wont stop us hashers from getting a little wild!  there will be music!! so bring an ipod with some sweet tunes so we can put it on shuffle and have a good night!

you are more than welcome to help out the hash by bringing some extra brews!

The camp will be open from around 1pm on the 9th! so get their early and pitch your tent! we will have a great time throughout the night but we will have to be up early and out by noon on the 10th! don’t forget! There is another hash on the island that runs on a saturday! so show them some love and join em for a run if you like! cant ever get enough hashing in your life!

Speak to Shut the Chuck up on the Saudi Hash if you would like to join us and you live in the magical kingdom!

Speak to Head With My Mom and the BH3 committee if you are in Bahrain!!

On On!!

Hash # 2425 – The Return of the GM!

Hash # 2425 – The Return of the GM!

Date: 08/01/2018

Time: 1800 or 6:00 PM

Occassion: The GM returns from his travels from the distant Island of Great Britain with all his spoils and knowledge gained from hashing abroad.

Hare: Head With My Mom

Location: Adliya, behind the HWMM’s House in the big dirt lot! GPS to the Hash

Alright you wankers! bring some money! lots of it! you will need to do a few things on this day.

  1. Pay for your run fee of BD 2 or pay the membership fees as mentioned below!
    1. For the year of 2018 – BD 30
    2. 9 months – BD 25
    3. 6 months – BD 20
    4. 3 months – BD 12
  2. bring money for beer!! We will have a few beer stops! so make sure to bring BD 2 for each one!!
  3. bring a torch!! it is bloody dark when we hash!!
  4. bring money for beer during the circle!! a cold one will cost you BD 1!!
  5. if you want haberdashery, we will have it all available!
  6. wear your hash gear ya dicks!!

See you at the hash!!

Hash # 2424 – New Years Day Hash!

Hash # 2424

Date: 01/01/2018

Time: 6:00 PM or 1800

Hare: Near Pisser

Location: Hamala Beach Resort – you will need to make your way to hamala beach resort and park on the corner of the road. follow the link to the hash location!

Hashy New Year! This Hash will be down in Hamala Beach, hared by Near Pisser. He will be providing some turkey for all of you folks! it would be great to know how many of you are showing up but we all know that number is unpredictable. There will be drinks! Make sure to bring BD 1 for the run or BD 4 for the run and beer!

Note* GM is on vacation so someone in the committee will be acting GM for the Day.

Next Runs:

Hash # 2425 – 08/01/2018 – Hare Needed

Hash # 2426 – 15/01/2018 – Hare needed

Hash 2423 – Christmas Hash Pub Crawl!

Hash # 2423

Date: December 25th, 2017

Time: 6:00 PM

Occasion: Christmas Hash Pub Crawl!!

Hares: Santa Claus and Santas Little Helper! (HWMM & Lady Gagger)

Location: Adliya, Behind HWMM’s House in the dirt lot! GPS to the Hash!

Bring 2 BD for the Hash. Bring money for the pub crawl! We will be hitting up several CHEAP pubs! Beers should be about 1.5 to 2 BD at each pub!

Make sure you come in your Christmas accessories, Santa and Elf Hats!! Remember there is only one Santa and its the hare! This is a PUB CRAWL! so you are not required to wear hashing gear! we will be walking!

The Circle will be held behind HWMM’s place after the crawl is over! make sure to have cash for beers as well!

What Bars?? Cyprus, Russos, Vins, and Old Beams! we will having at least 1 drink at each bar!



Hash # 2422 – National Day Run!

Hash # 2422

Date: 18/12/2017

Time: 6:00 PM or 1800

Hare: The Referee and Dirty Dog

Location: Juffair, Right side of Bahrain Specialist Hospital (dirt lot) GPS to the Hash!

Occasion: Bahrains National Day!!

Bring BD 2 for the run if you are not a registered member of the hash. Wear Red and White! There will be a few beer stops and maybe some food! dont expect to go home before 8 PM!

lets all try to show up on time so we can get the hash on the road! wear your hashing gear.

there will be some haberdashery! so bring some extra cash if you would like BH3 gear! we have shirts, patches, coozies (handy dandy beer cooler!) and keychains!

We are taking orders for Happy Coats. give your name and coat size to Head With My Mom as we need to order a minimum of 15! Happy coats will cost about BD 15!

We need hares for january!

If you would like to hare, we will need one for New Years day! please see Head With My Mom as Piss N Boots is away for the next few weeks!

if you need help laying trail, there are plenty of hashers willing to help you!

Hash # 2420 – Hashing at Dow Harbor

Hash # 2420

Date: 04/12/2017

Time: 6:00 PM or 1800

Hare: Piss N Boots

Location: Dow Harbor, near Bahrain Financial Harbor. GPS to the Hash

alright wankers! you know the drill! Bring 2 BD for the run if you are not a member of the hash. Bring money for a beer stop.. 3 or 4 bd should be more than enough! Wear your shiggy socks, hoodies, and bring a light! it will be dark and cold! Show up on time so we can get the hash on its way!  dont be a late cuming bastard!

Directions: Take the exit off of King Faisal Hwy onto road 4626.keep the financial harbor on your right. make a u turn where you can and take the right just after the substation. you will then go down into the dirt lot and park! if you cant find the hash contact anyone you know or the committee!


December 2nd (saturday) was the birthday of our awesome Hash! so you know what we did?? WE TOOK OVER THE BLACK HASH FOR THE DAY!

December 8th will be the black hash ball.. if you are interested please see Head With My Mom! tickets are BD 20.

on on

Hash # 2419 – Hashing at Bahrain Bay!

Hash # 2419

Date: 27/11/2017

Time: 6:00 PM or 1800

Hares: Wong Hole Shot and maybe a co hare/s!

Location: Bahrain Bay, opposite Four Seasons in a dirt lot!

Coming from Juffair on Al Fateh Highway, go straight as if you want to go to Bahrain Bay. Four Seasons will be on your left side. Dont take the exit to four seasons. keep going straight and take the first right after the over pass.  follow road 4605 to the end and park in the dirt lot with the hashers!  Follow this link for the GPS! 

Bring 2 BD for the run if you are not a paid member. if you want to be a member till the end of the year, see drag queen (its cheaper than paying 2 bd every week till the end of the year. IT WILL SAVE YOU CASH!)

There will be shots! a free beer stop! and much more!! what more?? there will be FOOD!!!

See you there!!

on on!

Next hares:

Hash #2420 – 4th December – piss n boots

Hash #2421 – 11th December – Dublin bush wanker & the irish!

Hash 2422 – 18th December – national day run – the referee



Hash # 2418

Date: 20/11/2017

Time: 6:00 PM or 1800

Hare: Near Pisser

Location: South Janabiya, Block 579… not sure what the area is called! follow directions and see the gps!


Directions by Near Pisser: from issa bin Salman hgwy, take jannabya flyover just before Saudi Saudi causeway toll gate then u turn towards manama (exit is on the RIGHT n is quite tricky, follow Manama signs) then take first right exit on Sosa bin Salman hgwy, there should be a BBH3 sign there.

Bring 2 BD for the run! if you havent paid for your spot on the BMR, please bring 2 BD to hold up your spot! That is for members of the hash! if you arent a member then its gunna cost you 5!

beware of the licking stop! (i think near pisser meant liqour!) there will be trail treasure!

The BMR will be held this friday! November 24th! starting at 10AM! stop by to cheer your fellow hashers on on on!! We will be ready! We will be drunk! We are hashers after all!

See you at the Hash!

On On!