Hash Sheet # 2426

Hash Sheet 2426

15th of January 2018

So there I was,

New to the area and searching for kindred spirits who share my pursuit of the sacred nectar I finally made it to my first hash in Bahrain. Immediately upon walking in the door of Piss and boots, I was descended upon by and persuaded to become a member of the Bahrain Hash House Harriers, in true hash tradition you are quite the welcoming bunch! The pack arrived and much to my surprise I ran into an old friend from the KWH3, the now named Dick on the Table.

Introductions were made, virgins instructed, and one of the shortest chalk talks ever by a hair (Piss and Boots) followed. I experienced a bit of a culture shock coming from the sometimes “overzealous” KWH3. It was refreshing only to have to remember three types of marks. Nothing worse than a bunch of half-minds trying to recall what the strange hieroglyphics they have encountered spelled out in flower means.

The Hare was off, and the pack was soon on his trail. It didn’t take long for the pack to get lost…we only made it to the first check. We searched on for some time with one of the many r**iest of the pack finally finding true trail. From there trail lead us down around and looping all over Jufair, we explored the many dirt lots Jufair has to offer, at one point I could have sworn we ran through the same construction site.

Crossing Awal Ave the Hare had quite the surprise in store for the pack. Up ahead the Hare had arranged for a group of rambunctious locals to mark false trail by lighting some debris on fire and blockade the middle of the road. How thoughtful of him to ensure the pack stayed on trail… however, some half minds didn’t believe that a road full of burning debris could mean false trail and ran ahead “just to make sure.” Next time for chalk talk if the hare is going to use a flaming roadblock as a mark I propose its shown in circle, us half minds need to know what to look for.

The pack regrouped at the beer stop with a few wankers arriving from strange directions. I was impressed that the hare managed to plan it perfectly and there was exactly enough sacred nectar for everyone, not one drop wasted. The pack zenned it back to On-Home and Circle was held.

Head with my Mom RA’d circle. Virgins, visitors, and wankers who forgot to cum hashing were called into the circle put on ice and made to drink their down-downs. The trail was rated a shitty 11/10.  Accusations were made for forgetting the wanker of the week, a group of drunken Irishmen made every excuse imaginable to drink the sacred nectar, and someone tried to burn down Piss and Boots flat, ya know the usual. Announcements were made. Apparently, there is a campout cumming up; I’m not sure I think it was only advertised 7 or 8 times in circle so I think its just a rumor. Someone said something about a Bahrain reunion hash in the mystic far away land of England to be held in 100 years time, and hash erections are cumming up, all positions are open. The hash swang low & ended circle, and enjoyed some of Piss and Boots meat.


7 Shooters up the Ass