Hash # 2428 – Hash + Membership draw!!

Hash # 2428

Date: 29/01/2018

Time: 6:00 PM or 1800 (yup! got it right this time!)

Hare: Ratadome and Just Kathy!

Location: Juffair! Outside Al Manzel Suites, in the dirt lot!! GPS to the Hash!

Occasion: As it is the last hash of the month, we will be doing the BH3 Monthly Membership Draw!! That’s right! if you are a member of the BH3, your name/ticket will be put into a raffle to win a prize! if you are not there to claim it, we will have a redraw till someone else wins!!

Trail: It isnt long and it isnt thick, but it might not be short and it might not be quick, you might stay dry or you might get wet… show up and find out you wankers! its getting dark so bring some illumination device!!!

What to bring:

[  ] whistle

[  ] shiggy socks

[  ] shoes

[  ] Head Lamp

[  ] Vessel

What else do you need on the Hash?  Bring a torch, bring a friend, and bring membership money! if you are not a member, see drag queen and pay up! its BD 2 for the run or pay the membership fees! (its cheaper!) bring some cash for a beer stop or two. (not sure how much or if it is needed!)


Happi Coats: This will be the last day to hand in happi coat money! bring BD 15 and ill make the order!

BH3 Camp Out:  The camp out is on Feb 9th form noon to saturday at noon! it will cost you BD 15 if you are a non member of the BH3. if you are a paid member, it will cost you BD 10! please pay Head WIth My Mom if you want to attend!!

BH3 Camp Out Shirts and patches!!  There will be shirts! they will cost bd 4 if you are a non member. and BD 2 if you are a member of the hash! remember, if you become a member you will get discounts on all events and some haberdashery.. sometimes you will get free drinks and food too! Patches will be sold at BD 2!!

Hares!  WE NEED HARES!! if you want to lay trail and or have never laid one before but want to, please talk to Piss N Boots! Committee members are always helpful and willing to co hare! ask a friend! anyone will help!!

Quiz night!!  Quiz night at the wembley bar every wednesday hosted yours truly.. CODSWALLOP! shop up for a good time! there is booze to be won as well as money so they say!!