Hash # 2425 – The Return of the GM!

Hash # 2425 – The Return of the GM!

Date: 08/01/2018

Time: 1800 or 6:00 PM

Occassion: The GM returns from his travels from the distant Island of Great Britain with all his spoils and knowledge gained from hashing abroad.

Hare: Head With My Mom

Location: Adliya, behind the HWMM’s House in the big dirt lot! GPS to the Hash

Alright you wankers! bring some money! lots of it! you will need to do a few things on this day.

  1. Pay for your run fee of BD 2 or pay the membership fees as mentioned below!
    1. For the year of 2018 – BD 30
    2. 9 months – BD 25
    3. 6 months – BD 20
    4. 3 months – BD 12
  2. bring money for beer!! We will have a few beer stops! so make sure to bring BD 2 for each one!!
  3. bring a torch!! it is bloody dark when we hash!!
  4. bring money for beer during the circle!! a cold one will cost you BD 1!!
  5. if you want haberdashery, we will have it all available!
  6. wear your hash gear ya dicks!!

See you at the hash!!