Hash # 2414 – Hashing in Adliya by Nadeen School!

Hash # 2414

Date: 23rd of October 2017

Time: 6:00 PM or 1800

Hares: Dublin Bush Wanker & Prissy Feckin Muppet!

Location: Adliya, Nadeen School, Dirt lot – GPS to the Hash! (if you dont know where that is.. its right behind the British club!)

THE IRISH ARE LAYING TRAIL!! That means there might not be any booze left because they will have drank it all!!  on a serious note: Dont get high on your own supply! (or drunk in this case!)

What do you need?!

  1. Bring 2 BD for Hash Cash if you are not a member!
  2. Bring a TORCH! it is gunna be dark out!
  3. You will want money for a beer stop! Probably 2 BD will be enough to cover the cost of an ice cold beer!
  4. OH! Make sure to bring your friends!