Hash # 2412 – Hashing in Juffair!!

Hash # 2412

Date: 09/10/17

Time: 6:00 PM or 1800

Hare: Wong Hole Shot & Yousifilis!

Location: Juffair, behind Al Fateh Mosque in the parking lot adjacent to Al Fateh Highway!


Hashers! there will be food! there will be drinks! there will be shots! so make sure to make your way to the hash for an extraordinary hash! thats right! Come down to the hash, pay 2 bd for the run and get all this goodness! if want to be a member, you can pay BD 10 for the rest of the year (this saves you a bit of cash!)

What do you need?! well.. a torch for starters! we hash at night! so if you want to see trail you bring a torch or your better have night vision! Make sure to wear your hashing gear! if you dont have a hash shirt or something hashappropriate you will be on the ice throne!!


Next Hash # 2413 will be laid by Tentpole and just Kathy! (better think of an awesome trail!)


October 30th will be the Halloween hash so make sure you have a costume! best costume will get a prize!!

November 24th is the Marathon Relay! we still need back up runners as well as help with transportation! those who participate will get a big party with the members of the hash later that week! also participants will get beer before, during and after the race!!

The BH3 will be 45 years old on December 2nd! we will hold our 45th anniversary hash on the 4th of December! so come down for a good time, there will probably be something special waiting for all you hashers!!

Christmas lands on a Monday! looks like Santa is gunna be drunk on trail on december 25th!! make sure you all come out in your christmasy costumes! There will only be one santa!! and he is laying the trail!!  come out for a good time and make sure to tell your friends!

New years Hash! January 1st will be a big ol bash! we will be hung over and or still drunk from the night before! its going to be a party!!!