Hash # 2411 – Hashing in Adliya!

Hash # 2411

Date: 02/10/17

Time: 6:00 PM

Hare: The Referee

Location: Adliya, Behind the British Club in the dirt lot.


What do YOU need? Bring a TORCH! the night is dark and full of terror…ists! make sure you can see! will need to find trail all over the place and you now how it is.. some people are so greedy they cant lay enough flour!

What Else?!? running gear!! or Hashing gear more like it! clothes you can get dirty in!

Water! bring water! its your responsibility! not the hash! to provide water 🙂

the run is 2 bd and if you wanna drink you can pay 1 bd to the beer meister and he will sort you right out. if you want to be a member of the hash, pay Drag Queen 10 bd for the rest of the year! you wont  have to deal with some of pestering you for cash!


30th of October is the day before HALLOWEEN! so come in your costumes! the best/scariest/awesome costume will get a prize! if you are a member of the hash, there will be free beer!

November 24th (friday) is the marathon relay! we have a full team of 16! well done hashers who signed up early! you will be getting shirts.. that we hope fit you! make sure to chip in 5 bd if you are not a member or… 2 bd if you are!  BMR participants will be getting drinks through out the day on the race! and we will also host a little party for the participants and members of the hash!

Christmas Hash! December 25th ! its a MONDAY! we are not sure if the christmas day hash will be happening but the Hash will have its own christmas themed hash on our usual time at 6:00PM! hoe hoe hoe!

New Years Day! January 1st! lands on a monday! so we will have our new years day hash! you better show up even if you are hung over!

more announcements to come!