Hash # 2399 – Tarbitrators last Hare!

Hash # 2399

Date: 10/07/2017

Time: 6:00 PM or 1800

Hare: Tarbitrator

Location: Beach Villas, Budaiya (see gps, and follow directions as posted!)

Arlight guys! its Tarbitrators last hare and possibly last hash! come down and see him before he heads off to Canada! BD 2 for the run! if you would like to drink, bring a few extra bd for beers! Please follow the directions as posted in the picture bellow! the GPS will lead you through the main roads which will get you caught up in a check point! follow the map and make your way to the back gate! there will be someone there to open the gate for you!



Hare Line:

hash 2400 – 17th of July -Tent pole – Location is TBA

Hash 2401 – 24th of July – Hare and location TBA

Hash 2402 – 31st of July – Hare and location TBA

Hash 2403 – August 7th – Hare and location TBA

Hash 2404 – August 14th – Hare and location TBA

Hash 2405 – August 21st – Hare and location TBA

Hsh 2406 – August 28th – Hare and location TBA


One thought on “Hash # 2399 – Tarbitrators last Hare!

  1. Bye bye, tarbitrator. I will miss you, just like I will miss all the other good hashers who have left Bahrain. All Black Nipples.

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