Hash # 2398 – AMERICAS DAY! Pub Crawl!!

Hash # 2398

Date: 03/07/2017

Time: 6:00

On Out: 6:30

Hare:  BH3 Mismanagement (HWMM)

Location: Adliya behind HWMM’s house!


We are doing a pub crawl on 3rd of july for the 4th of july! wear RED WHITE AND BLUE! if you got your shirts on Saturday, make sure to wear them!! If you would like to run, it will be BD 2. if you are a member of the BH3 you will get free beer at one of the stops! so make sure you come and drink with us!

Will there be trail? Yes! there will be a live trail set for those who want to run from bar to bar! Walkers will have to figure out the quickest route to the bars and go! there will not be a walkers trail!

We will spend a maximum of 30 mins at each bar! If  you are late or still drinking, you will have to catch up at the next bar! with the given schedule, you should be able to down a pint or two at each bar!

Starting Circle  – 6:00 pm

Bar 1: Old Beams – 6:30 pm

Bar 2: Jims – 7:00 pm ish

Bar 3 : Vins – 7:30 pm ish ish

Bar 4: Opera – 8:00 pm …. you got the idea.

Circle up – 8:30 ish


Next Hash – Hash # 2399 – 10/07/2017 – Trail set by Drag Queen! Info will be posted later!