Hash # 2390 – Another Schnitzel Production!

Hash # 2390

When: 08/05/2017 at 1800/ 6:00 Pee Em!

Who: Another Schnitzel Production brought to you by Rock My Wiener Schnitzel and Schnitzel Sucker

Occasion: To expunge our bodies of tequila hangovers after assisting the Mexicans celebrate their victory against the French!

Where: Behind the Bellagio building near the Indian embassy – parallel to Ferrari Center in the dirt lot.

About the trail: A to A Live Trail! – Hares away at 17:69 (18:09 or 6:09 for the muggles)

Bring Virgins! bring torches! bring water! bring beer money! There will be a beer stop requiring cash for drinks (BD 1.5/Beer) Run fees are 2 BD for non members. if you would like to be a member see Drag Queen! membership fees are 30 BD for the remainder of the year. if you are leaving Bahrain in 3 to 6 months see Drag Queen to work out a deal for you!

Expected temperatures in the 100 F/ 38 C. please hydrate and take the necessary precautions for a safe and enjoyable trail. (trail is approx 5k.)


if you cant find the hash, please get in touch with the hash committee or any hasher you know!