You can contact any of the mismanagement committee mentioned bellow or fill in the form on the bottom of the page!

Grand Master (GM) Head With My Mom 37776844
Religious Adviser (RA) Rock My Weiner Schnitzel 33322168
Co Religious Adviser (Co-RA) Mazda 3 Inch
Haberdasher Virgin Manwich
Raffles The Referee 39466996
Hash Cheers  Virgin Manwich
Hare Raiser Piss N Boots
Hash Cash Yousifilis 39929333
Hon Sex Drag Queen 39694138
Scribe  N/A
Hash Flash The Referee 39466996
Webmaster Head With My Mom 37776844
Webmaster Budget Brian
FACEBOOK Bahrain H3 Facebook
YAHOO GROUP Bahrain H3 Yahoo Group

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