Hash # 2447 – Hashing In Adliya!!

Hash # 2447

Date: 21/05/2018

Time: 1800 or 6:00 PM

Hares: The Irish Bunch!!

Location: Adliya, Behind the Brittish Club, in the Nadeen School parking lot. GPS TO THE HASH!

What do you need?? Bring BD 2 for the run!! Wear your hash gear! if you dont have any BH3 hab, there will be some for sale, so bring your monies! There will be an on after? There might be food! there are a few free beer stops! so get ready! If you want to lay trail, see tentpole!

If you have any questions, hit up the hash committee!

B.I.T.C.H3 is having a hash on June 1st! its international donut day so bring your O Face! More info will be shared soon! keep a look out on here as they dont have a website yet!



Hash # 2446 – Hashing before Ramadan Hits!

Hash # 2446

Date: 14/05/2018

Time: 6:00 PM or 1800

Occasion: Its almost Ramadan! YAY?

Hares: Dirty Dog and The Referee

Location: Tubli!! along the coast! see the GPS for the hash!!

Bring a Torch, bring a friend, bring membership money! if you wanna join the hash see Drag QUeen! IF you want to run, its BD 2! and BD 1 per drink!  make sure to bring your dust masks or something to cover your face if its still dusty outside!

There will be food! and free beer!! its the last hash before ramadan so we need to celebrate! the bahrainis wont here for a few weeks! WOOH!! JK but not really!

If you want to lay trail, please see Tentpole! Hashing in ramadan means we need to respect the culture a little bit more! so no drinking before sunset!

if you have any questions, see the GM, Head With My Mom!



Hash # 2445 – Lobster Farm

Hash # 2445

Date: 07/05/2018

Time: 6:00 PM

Hare: Dirty Dog & Tentpole

Location: Lobester Farm, Janabiya – Dirt lot beside the rugby club.

GPS Location to the Hash!

Bring BD 2 for the run if you are not a member, if you want to be a member, see Drag Queen! Bring 1 BD per beer! We might have a beer stop at a bar, so bring some cash, there might be food and some free beer stops too! WHO KNOWS! CUM and find out!!

Bring a Torch! bring a friend! and bring yourself!!

see you at the hash!!

On ON!

may the 4th be with you!

May The 4th Be With You!

The pub crawl will  be starting outside Deja Vu, Adliya, behind the Gulf Hotel on.. MAY the 4th!!!

The time will be 6:00PM! BE THERE!

Come in costume! if you dont have a costume.. well as 1 Rung puts it.. IT SUCKS TO SUCK!

Bring money! BOOZE ISNT FREE!

See you there!

OH YEAH! There are patches! Bring 2 BD if you want a fucking sweet ass patch to put on your happi coat! hopefully its arrived and will be there for the pub crawl!

Heres the GPS to the Pub Crawl!


Hash # 2444 – Full Moon Hash & Monthly Membership Draw!!

Hash # 2444

Date: 30/03/2018

Time: 6:00 PM or 1800

Hares: Head With My Mom and Mother May I (Because Peters Out got grounded by Daddy)

Location: Juffair, at Spanks the Turkeys house, Dirt lot across from Palm Royal and Crystal Palace!


Bring 2 BD for the run if you are not a member, if want to drink, bring an additional BD 2 to be able to drink all night and eat our food! If you want to be a member, see Drag Queen!!

Tomorrow is the full moon hash and is also the membership draw! ONLY MEMBERS CAN WIN! so be a member and get your chance to win an awesome prize!

There will be food! we will have a BBQ, so if you want to bring something to cook up, please do! we will have somosas, burgers, cheap bahraini sausages, beer, and more beer!!

Bring money for a beer stop!! and make sure to bring some water to take along with you for the run!!

Bring a torch! Bring a friend! and join the hash!!

On On!


Hash # 2443 – Hashing in Riffa

Hash # 2443

Date: 23/04/2018 (Monday) ** Correction ** MONDAY APRIL 23rd 2018!

Time: 6:00 PM or 1800

Hares: Drag Queen & Ham Salami Bacon

Location: Riffa, Behind the GDN and New Indian School.

GPS To The hash

Directions:   drive over and past the Isa Town Gate flyover straight across the CPR bldg (LMRA) lights. then take the right at the next lights  (at the petrol station). follow the road down past the GDN HQ. take a left after the new indian school. pass the water tower. and then right just before the substation. Park in the dirt  lot. look for the hash! there might be hash signs! look for us! ** Updated**

what do you need? Bring 2 BD for the run or be a member!  see DQ  for membership!  bring a torch, bring a friend, and bring anti-mosquito spray! we are running in some shiggy places!

Next Hash – 2444 – may day run – hosted by HWMM and Mother May I in adliya! location TBA.

Hash No. 2442 – Nadeen School dirt lot!

Hash no. 2441

Date: 16/04/2018

Time: 6:00 PM or 1800

Hares: Smoking For Bitches (Dakhin Hag Gahba), Wong Hole Shot and G String Minor

Location: Dirt lot behind the British Club.. next to Nadeen School!

GPS to the Hash!!

Bring BD 2 for the run if you are not a member! If you want to be a member, see Drag Queen! Bring money for a beer stop at one of the bars! Dont know if you need money but… BRING SOME ANYWAY!

See you at the hash!

BBH Invites all to the Pirate Hash

the Black hash has invited all other hashers to their PIrate Pub Crawl! if you are interested, see  the info below!!

Tonight, Friday the 13th of April at 1830 (6:30 PM)

The crawl will start outside Deja Vu, in adliya (behind Gulf Hotel) in the dirt lot!

Make sure to wear your pirate outfit!

You will be hitting up 3 or 4 bars and drinks will be cheap as we will be going through adliya!!

Heres the GPS to the Pub Crawl!

ON On!

Hash # 2441 – Hashing in Hidd

Hash # 2441

Date: 09/04/2018

Time: 6:00 PM

Hares: Ripped Ass and RMF

Location: Hidd, in a dirt lot on the coast! check out the GPS!

Bring 2 BD for the run! if you want a can of that sweet sweet golden nectar, it will cost you a BD per drink!  There will only be a runners trail (TBD at the hash). if you want to become a member of the hash, see Drag Queen! if you would like to lay trail, see Tentpole!

Directions to the hash are kinda as follows: Make your way to Hidd from the Hidd Bridge! Take a left onto dry dock highway and head north. Get in your left lane immediately and once you reach the first traffic light, turn left! Drive all the way down to the end of the road. At the end of the road, turn right and drive 300 meters ! keep your eyes peeled! after 300 meters you will turn left into the dirt lot and park up with the rest of the hashers!!


10k 10 Beer Run hosted by a few assholes!

Hares: DOTT, SRA, or 1 Rung Pussy Driver
Who: All Hashers/Virgins/Visitors/Racists/Lames…you get the drift.

What: 10k, 10 lube stop. Runners and walkers trails. There will be some of the following stops: Shot/Song/Picture/Naughty/Boob/Beer Bong/Talent…. *Stops will be limited to 10 minutes and are all hold checks*

When: 06APR at High Noon.

Where: Nurana Islands. North-West of Seef, near the Bahrain Fort. Pin drop https://goo.gl/maps/umYyYvsyEwx

Why: Duh! Boring people have boring stories. Dumb dumbs have dumb stories. Hashers have issues. Not sure where I was going with this.

How: This part is up to you, but  just like a BJ, it either goes in ya or on ya.

Cost: 5BD. *Paying prior to the event is advised. *
**If you don’t pay prior to the event, there is a chance you won’t get food, a patch or be accounted for logistically. We want to ensure a tasty beverage is at each location with your name on it or spit in it.

Remember the 10×10 hash rules :
1. Bring a camelbak filled with water
2. Sun scream
3. Something to change just in case you are wet
4. Know some songs
5. Hats, umbrellas, and/or canopies
6. Drink a lot of water before coming
7. Bring some jiggy jiggy
8. Tech is allowed
9. Bring your own meat
10. Food and drink for kids