Bahrain Hash Camp Out!

What is it? It is a day of camping, hashing and tons of shenanigans!

What do you need?  You will need to bring a tent, sleeping gear, toiletry (extra loo roll incase it runs out) hashing gear (shoes, socks, shorts etc.. what ever you run in!) clean clothes, and whatever booze you want to drink! (there will be beer and booze provided!)

What are we going to do?  we will show up around 1PM and set up camp! if you are there before the rest of the hashers, you can pitch your tent in the best spot! the committee and any hashers willing to lay trail will head out and set it for 4PM. There will be a circle! (this counts as a hash run!) We will bring out the food and drinks will be provided after the circle!

When is it? The date and time is set for February 9th, 2018 at 1PM! we will have to be off the camp site on February 10th, 2018 by Noon!

How Much is it? it will cost you a hefty BD 15 for non members! BUT IF YOU SIGN UP NOW to be a member of the Bahrain H3, you will get a discount and only have to pay a whopping BD 10!

Is this event child and pet(dog) friendly?  Yes! the event is child and pet friendly provided that you put your kids to bed early or dont care if they hear a bit of cussing! Dogs are fine as long as they dont bite!

Where is it?  The camp will be near the tree of life! We will post the location closer to the date so you can make your way! There will be signs posted up just after Riffa Views to help you make your way!

IF you have any questions, please hit up Head With My Mom and he will try to help you out!