Announcement! AGM, Camel Farm Run, and Memberships for 2017!


Memberships – 

We are taking on membership for 2017! There are new prices!  why new prices? well the more you pay.. the more you get in return!

1 year – BD 40 ; 9 months – bd 30 ; 6 months – BD 20 ; 3 months BD 10.

If you are not a member it is BD 2 per run and if you want a drink its BD 1 per bev.

What do you get for being a member?? You will get free bevs and food during on afters and other events as well as possible discounts!

If you sign up for our membership we will even give you a beer!

AGM –  

its about that time to vote on a new mismanagement committee – we will be voting on January 16th in adliya. (location posted later)

We need a new GM, RA, Hare raiser, Hash Cheers, Hash Cash, Haberdasher.

If you would like to be in any of these positions, please show up and put your name up on the board! we will have it with us at the next hash!

Camel Farm Run –

January 21st @ 10am  in the old camel farm in Hamala – BD 8 per person. talk to The Referee if you are interested in going! (we need your nerd name, hash name, number, and shirt size)

2 thoughts on “Announcement! AGM, Camel Farm Run, and Memberships for 2017!

  1. Is the group open for other people… For example am a Kenyan national working here in Bahrain and I would like to be a member..

    • Anyone and everyone are welcome to join the hash. As long as you like drinking, running, and having a laugh, feel free to attend!

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