Hash # 2428 – Hash + Membership draw!!

Hash # 2428

Date: 29/01/2018

Time: 6:00 PM or 1800 (yup! got it right this time!)

Hare: Ratadome and Just Kathy!

Location: Juffair! Outside Al Manzel Suites, in the dirt lot!! GPS to the Hash!

Occasion: As it is the last hash of the month, we will be doing the BH3 Monthly Membership Draw!! That’s right! if you are a member of the BH3, your name/ticket will be put into a raffle to win a prize! if you are not there to claim it, we will have a redraw till someone else wins!!

Trail: It isnt long and it isnt thick, but it might not be short and it might not be quick, you might stay dry or you might get wet… show up and find out you wankers! its getting dark so bring some illumination device!!!

What to bring:

[  ] whistle

[  ] shiggy socks

[  ] shoes

[  ] Head Lamp

[  ] Vessel

What else do you need on the Hash?  Bring a torch, bring a friend, and bring membership money! if you are not a member, see drag queen and pay up! its BD 2 for the run or pay the membership fees! (its cheaper!) bring some cash for a beer stop or two. (not sure how much or if it is needed!)


Happi Coats: This will be the last day to hand in happi coat money! bring BD 15 and ill make the order!

BH3 Camp Out:  The camp out is on Feb 9th form noon to saturday at noon! it will cost you BD 15 if you are a non member of the BH3. if you are a paid member, it will cost you BD 10! please pay Head WIth My Mom if you want to attend!!

BH3 Camp Out Shirts and patches!!  There will be shirts! they will cost bd 4 if you are a non member. and BD 2 if you are a member of the hash! remember, if you become a member you will get discounts on all events and some haberdashery.. sometimes you will get free drinks and food too! Patches will be sold at BD 2!!

Hares!  WE NEED HARES!! if you want to lay trail and or have never laid one before but want to, please talk to Piss N Boots! Committee members are always helpful and willing to co hare! ask a friend! anyone will help!!

Quiz night!!  Quiz night at the wembley bar every wednesday hosted yours truly.. CODSWALLOP! shop up for a good time! there is booze to be won as well as money so they say!!

Hash Sheet # 2426

Hash Sheet 2426

15th of January 2018

So there I was,

New to the area and searching for kindred spirits who share my pursuit of the sacred nectar I finally made it to my first hash in Bahrain. Immediately upon walking in the door of Piss and boots, I was descended upon by and persuaded to become a member of the Bahrain Hash House Harriers, in true hash tradition you are quite the welcoming bunch! The pack arrived and much to my surprise I ran into an old friend from the KWH3, the now named Dick on the Table.

Introductions were made, virgins instructed, and one of the shortest chalk talks ever by a hair (Piss and Boots) followed. I experienced a bit of a culture shock coming from the sometimes “overzealous” KWH3. It was refreshing only to have to remember three types of marks. Nothing worse than a bunch of half-minds trying to recall what the strange hieroglyphics they have encountered spelled out in flower means.

The Hare was off, and the pack was soon on his trail. It didn’t take long for the pack to get lost…we only made it to the first check. We searched on for some time with one of the many r**iest of the pack finally finding true trail. From there trail lead us down around and looping all over Jufair, we explored the many dirt lots Jufair has to offer, at one point I could have sworn we ran through the same construction site.

Crossing Awal Ave the Hare had quite the surprise in store for the pack. Up ahead the Hare had arranged for a group of rambunctious locals to mark false trail by lighting some debris on fire and blockade the middle of the road. How thoughtful of him to ensure the pack stayed on trail… however, some half minds didn’t believe that a road full of burning debris could mean false trail and ran ahead “just to make sure.” Next time for chalk talk if the hare is going to use a flaming roadblock as a mark I propose its shown in circle, us half minds need to know what to look for.

The pack regrouped at the beer stop with a few wankers arriving from strange directions. I was impressed that the hare managed to plan it perfectly and there was exactly enough sacred nectar for everyone, not one drop wasted. The pack zenned it back to On-Home and Circle was held.

Head with my Mom RA’d circle. Virgins, visitors, and wankers who forgot to cum hashing were called into the circle put on ice and made to drink their down-downs. The trail was rated a shitty 11/10.  Accusations were made for forgetting the wanker of the week, a group of drunken Irishmen made every excuse imaginable to drink the sacred nectar, and someone tried to burn down Piss and Boots flat, ya know the usual. Announcements were made. Apparently, there is a campout cumming up; I’m not sure I think it was only advertised 7 or 8 times in circle so I think its just a rumor. Someone said something about a Bahrain reunion hash in the mystic far away land of England to be held in 100 years time, and hash erections are cumming up, all positions are open. The hash swang low & ended circle, and enjoyed some of Piss and Boots meat.


7 Shooters up the Ass


Hash # 2427 – Hashing by Nadeen School, Adliya

Hash # 2427

Date: 22/01/2018

Time: 6:00 PM or 1800

Hare: Virgin Manwich

Location: Adliya, Behind the British Club in the dirt lot next to Nadeen School . Follow the GPS to the Hash.

Bring BD 2 for the run if you are not a member. if you want to be a member of the hash, please see Drag Queen to pay your fees. Membership fees are BD 30 for the year, BD 25 for 9 months, BD 20 for 6 months, and BD 12 for 3 months. If you know you are going to be hashing for a while, it is cheaper to pay for the membership plus you will get all the perks! We will hold a membership draw at the end of every month which will give one lucky member a chance to win a prize. if you are not there, we will re draw until someone wins!

Make sure to bring some cash for the run as we may have a beer stop or two!

Bring a torch! it is dark and you need to see the trail! (Make sure you mark the checks when you find true trail! nobody wants to get lost!)

It might be dusty out, so bring a dust mask or something to cover your face is suggested.

We need Hares!! if you want to lay a trail, please sign up!! there are several hashes available! so please sign up! NO HARES MEANS NO HASH! SIGN UP NOW! if you need help and want a cohare, ask around, many people are willing to help! (No you dont need to supply food or beer.. but it is nice!) See Piss N Boots if you want to set a trail.

Event: Bahrain Hash Campout  will be on Feb 9th from noon onward.  If you want to join, it will cost BD 15 for non members or BD 10 if you are a member of the BH3. There will be food, drinks, music, a hash, a hangover hash, and breakfast!! Bring your own tents or you can sleep in one of the big tents. make sure to bring toiletries, sleeping gear, dry clothes.. and whatever else you want! see Head With My Mom and pay him ASAP!

Song of the week: 


Pissonya, pissonya, pissonya
In Russian it means I love ya
If I had my way
I’d piss on ya all day
Pissonya, pissonya, pissonya

Shitonya, shitonya, shitonya
In Russian it means I adore ya
If I had my way
I’d shit on ya all day
Shitonya, shitonya, shitonya

Cumonya, cumonya, cumonya
In Russian it means I need ya
If I had my way
I’d cum on ya all day
Cumonya, cumonya, cumonya..

Drink it Down.. Down.. Down..

Hash # 2426 – Hashing in Jufair!!

Hash # 2426

Date: 15/01/2018

Time: 6:00 PM or 1800

Hare: Piss N Boots

Location: Juffair, at Piss N Boots place! Follow the GPS to the hash!!

Bring BD 2 if you are not a member of the hash to pay for the run! if you want to be a member you can pay BD 30 for the year, BD 25 for 9 months, BD 20 for 6 months or BD 12 for 3 months!! See Drag Queen to fill up the membership form or pay the run fee!

Make sure that you are in hashing attire, bring a torch as its dark out, and bring money for a beer stop unless the hare is generous enough to give us one for free! Will there be food? MAYBE! Come to the hash and find out!!

Attention!!: The Bahrain Hash Camp is back again!! it will be on Feb 9th! pay BD 15 if you are not a member of the hash or pay BD 10 if you are a member! what do you get?? Well food, drinks, a hash, a hangover hash, and breakfast! we may even have some haberdashery for you! Pay Head With My Mom if you wish to attend!! Camp location will be posted at the end of Jan!


We need hares from next week onward!!! If you want to lay trail, please see Piss N Boots! If we dont have hares, we wont have a hash! So sign up to do a trail! dont be shy! Laying a trail is easy and you dont need to provide food or beer although it would be hash appropriate!

Bahrain Hash Camp 2018!

Hey Hashers!! The Bahrain Hash Camp is back again!! The date is set for Friday, the 9th of February, 2018! so get all your camping gear ready!!

This year, you will have to pay BD 15 for non members or BD 10 for anyone who signs up to be a member of the Bahrain H3!

What do you get?! well.. you will get to do some hashing out by the tree of life! there will be dinner! drinks will be all around! then a hangover hash in the early morning!  we are also gunna try to sort you out with some awesome haberdashery!

Our annual (anal) campout is always an awesome time! it is child and pet friendly but that wont stop us hashers from getting a little wild!  there will be music!! so bring an ipod with some sweet tunes so we can put it on shuffle and have a good night!

you are more than welcome to help out the hash by bringing some extra brews!

The camp will be open from around 1pm on the 9th! so get their early and pitch your tent! we will have a great time throughout the night but we will have to be up early and out by noon on the 10th! don’t forget! There is another hash on the island that runs on a saturday! so show them some love and join em for a run if you like! cant ever get enough hashing in your life!

Speak to Shut the Chuck up on the Saudi Hash if you would like to join us and you live in the magical kingdom!

Speak to Head With My Mom and the BH3 committee if you are in Bahrain!!

On On!!

Hash # 2425 – The Return of the GM!

Hash # 2425 – The Return of the GM!

Date: 08/01/2018

Time: 1800 or 6:00 PM

Occassion: The GM returns from his travels from the distant Island of Great Britain with all his spoils and knowledge gained from hashing abroad.

Hare: Head With My Mom

Location: Adliya, behind the HWMM’s House in the big dirt lot! GPS to the Hash

Alright you wankers! bring some money! lots of it! you will need to do a few things on this day.

  1. Pay for your run fee of BD 2 or pay the membership fees as mentioned below!
    1. For the year of 2018 – BD 30
    2. 9 months – BD 25
    3. 6 months – BD 20
    4. 3 months – BD 12
  2. bring money for beer!! We will have a few beer stops! so make sure to bring BD 2 for each one!!
  3. bring a torch!! it is bloody dark when we hash!!
  4. bring money for beer during the circle!! a cold one will cost you BD 1!!
  5. if you want haberdashery, we will have it all available!
  6. wear your hash gear ya dicks!!

See you at the hash!!