10k 10 Beer Run hosted by a few assholes!

Hares: DOTT, SRA, or 1 Rung Pussy Driver
Who: All Hashers/Virgins/Visitors/Racists/Lames…you get the drift.

What: 10k, 10 lube stop. Runners and walkers trails. There will be some of the following stops: Shot/Song/Picture/Naughty/Boob/Beer Bong/Talent…. *Stops will be limited to 10 minutes and are all hold checks*

When: 06APR at High Noon.

Where: Nurana Islands. North-West of Seef, near the Bahrain Fort. Pin drop https://goo.gl/maps/umYyYvsyEwx

Why: Duh! Boring people have boring stories. Dumb dumbs have dumb stories. Hashers have issues. Not sure where I was going with this.

How: This part is up to you, but  just like a BJ, it either goes in ya or on ya.

Cost: 5BD. *Paying prior to the event is advised. *
**If you don’t pay prior to the event, there is a chance you won’t get food, a patch or be accounted for logistically. We want to ensure a tasty beverage is at each location with your name on it or spit in it.

Remember the 10×10 hash rules :
1. Bring a camelbak filled with water
2. Sun scream
3. Something to change just in case you are wet
4. Know some songs
5. Hats, umbrellas, and/or canopies
6. Drink a lot of water before coming
7. Bring some jiggy jiggy
8. Tech is allowed
9. Bring your own meat
10. Food and drink for kids

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