Bahrain Hash House Harriers

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Bahrain Hash House Harriers (BH3 or Bahrain H3) was established in 1972 by Geoff Whitehead. It is Bahrain’s first Hash. We have over 2270 runs and celebrate our 43rd anniversary on the 2nd of December, 2015.

Bahrain H3 hold weekly runs every Monday at 1800 hours throughout the year. Everyone is welcome to join the Hash, men, women, young , old and ancient! Remember to bring your BD 1 for the Hash and your sense of humor!

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  1. Dear Bahrain Hashers!

    Just a short message as the time has come for me to close registrations for this momentous event.

    I must admit we did have more people join than I expected, nearly 60 from all over the world, but in general I think we’ll be able to cope though the first night might be a bit crowded and chaotic!

    I will follow up with a more comprehensive email at the end of the month with more information about what will be happening and what you can do while you are here. It will be worthwhile having a look at the York websites as there are so many interesting places to visit here and, during the Reunion, we will also be taking in quite a few of them!

    I think with are all looking forward to getting together this July, let’s make sure we have a really good time catching up with each other!

    On On!


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